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Vulcan Advisory Services LLC goes beyond the typical valuation advisory firm.  

We can work with clients who need to be walked through a complicated, bureaucratic process.  No one expects you to be the expert, which is why we are here to help.  

Of the approximately one hundred opinions of value rendered for estate and gift tax purposes, none of them has ever questioned by any taxation authority.      


Our knowledge of “lack of marketability” factors is not limited to academic studies.  Dozens of business interests (minority and control) have been sold on behalf of clients. 


I am one of the few credentialed experts in the formal process of business appraisal review, which can be utilized in a wide variety of litigation and dispute settings.   

I have approximately 20 years of experience with…

Investment portfolio management

Retirement account valuation (IRA accounts)

Appraisals for business acquisition

Private equity and other private placement investment analysis and projections

Commercial credit analysis

Appraisals for the Small Business Administration loan approvals

Not for profit administration

General and specialized accounting methods

Securities operations

Procedural implementation 


I assist clients with…

Valuation of subject assets

Corporate financial analysis

Portfolio allocation decisions

Purchase and sale transactions

Voting decisions

Exit strategies

Tax elections

Selling business interests

Procedural policies

Section 409a valuations (stock options)

Family law (divorce)

Litigation support

Academic Papers

Private Placement Assets

Hidden Time Bombs or Buried Treasure?

Florida's Proposed Change to Goodwill

Prior Speaking Engagements

Florida Institute of CPAs

January 2021

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